Life of Your Words, Michal Šimonfy

Life of Your Words

Multimedia installation, 2011 Artistic software, artificial life

Life of Your Words is a custom artificial life software which continuously analyzes ongoing discussion on social network twitter. Software searches for various keywords related to presence of life and, on contrary, to its absence. According to occurences of such words as life, vitality, aliveness, survival, birth versus death, dying, decease, perish, which are being analyzed in short-time intervals, it affects the presence of simple artificial life and visual form of the artwork. However, it doesn’t affect this life directly but through small changes in its environment instead, so the whole simulated micro-world represents a simple but autonomous and dynamic model of life.

A global "discussion about life" coming daily from over 180 million entries is in this case a condition for ability of this environment to survive as well as for its lifespan., Michal Šimonfy

Internet project, 2010 — 2013 Interactive map of fruit trees is simple interactive map of fruit trees in public space. This community-driven project, which started in Slovakia, aims to create new kind of topographic information within maps of our cities, which would describe urbanized space from a different perspective encouraging people to think of their cities as more connected to nature and reminding them of gardens.

Trojan Horse Gallery, Michal Šimonfy

Trojan Horse Gallery

netart, 2008 Computer virus

Simple computer virus which has been created to present the work of young visual artists. This harmless program has been changing the desktop wallpaper (background image) of infected computers, presenting a different artwork every time computer is turned on.

Between June and December of 2008, Trojan Horse Gallery had spread throught network and USB flash drives to over 60 000 computers in 69 different countries in the world.

5-Alpha-Androst, Michal Šimonfy


Action in public space, 2008 Pheromone

Men and women derivates of pheromone applied on objects in a public space. Work has been realized in public spaces (public transport, galleries, cinemas).

The other body, Michal Šimonfy

The other body

Private action/photography/object, 2008 Blood

Combined portrait, compound of two blood samples. In cooperation with Lenka Sukeniková.

Milk, Michal Šimonfy


Private action, 2008 Breast milk

Four bottles of breast milk as my only food for period of four days.